A New Scaredy Cat!

We are happy to say that after his short break from THT, Scaredy Cat is back!
Forgive us for not coming up with a better joke for Scaredy Cat, but we needed to get out a comic pretty quickly.

-- The Editors.

February/March Issue

We are going, due to lack of submissions, make February and March Issues the same Issue.

The theme is mythology, any mythology, greek, roman, you can even review a movie about mythology, such as Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, or even, if you really want to, Hercules. There are also books on mythology that you could read and review.

But anyway, if you feel like doing a last minute entry, the deadline is March 30th for this issue.
Any other submissions will go into the April Issue.

February and March!

The Febuary and March Issues are coming out soon -- AT THE SAME TIME!

Febuary's theme is Mythology, and March's theme is Volcanoes. Please submit to these amazing themes!

-- The Editors.

January Ish: ENERGY!

Now, it's in the middle of February, and we haven't done the January Issue. Why? Because of practically no submissions! So, if you see a bell tower (sound energy) an electric car (electricity) or anything like that, then write a story or take a picture of it or both! And, if you don't feel like being energized about January's issue, submit for the February Issue, the theme is mythology, and we will release them back to back this month!

-- The Editors.

Christmas Issue

A little late to be posting this, but the Christmas Issue was released a while back!
As soon as we post it on Google, we will link to it here!

-- The Editors.

Issue 2 Started!

Our Main Article!
We started Issue 2 today, the theme is turkeys!
Apparently nobody feels inspired by turkeys, so we had to write an article.

Again, if anybody wants to send in something, be it a cool comic about turkeys, a funny story about turkeys, a review on a book about turkeys, or anything what-so-ever about turkeys, thanksgiving, pilgrims, etc. email us your submission at homeschooltimes@gmail.com!