Homeschool Times Nearly Complete!

Reviews page
We have done some more work on the first edition of the Homeschool Times! First, we added an awesome new page-- The Reviews page!
This issue's reviews are on Despicable Me (reviewed by Milo) and The Magic Thief  (reviewed by Raymond).
Next issue we hope to see reviews by other kids too!

If you want to send in a review early for next issue, (sorry, the review page is full for this month), just state that its for next issue in the Subject part of the email.
Remember, our email address is
and we regularly look at our mail!

Awesome Food page
Another thing thats been recently added is our Awesome Food page, where Chef Ary shares some essential pointers to making different foods, dishes, and delights!

Soon we hope to bring a puzzler page and more but thats next issue.

Until then,
The Editors